Publications - Articles

Luís Cachola

Glamping - Camping of kings, queens and sultans

Marco A. Abastoflor Portugal

Tourism planning and development with a biocultural approach. Torotoro, Bolivia

and another article

Juan Pablo Nieto

Central America: a region moving together towards sustainable tourism development


The metaverse and the soul: journey to the next challenge of Tourism


Rosa Martha Brown

Tourism sector: essential for the protection of children and adolescents

Benjamín del Alcazar Martínez

University of Malaga - Faculty of Commerce and Management

Juan Francisco Rivero

Tourism and the Jewish cities of Spain

Dr. Lisa Indar

Director-Surveillance, Disease Prevention & Control Division

(Trinidad & Tobago)

Nicolás Raffo Menoni

The latest tourist news from Uruguay, in South America

and another article

Humberto N. Calabria Arrieta

Strengthening tourism training in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia

Mario A. Reza Guerra

Wellness Tourism in comparison with Medical Tourism

Vicente Romero J.

International Hotel Directors & Managers Circle

Rafael Vera

Vicuña, World Capital of Astronomy and Conscious Tourism

Adrián Lomello

Religious Tourism or Spiritual Tourism

Monica Figuerola

Health Tourism: a new opportunity for new destinations

Michel H. Nahon

Why So-Leader travel ?

and another article

Rosemary O. Mbone Enie

Destination Rwanda!

Aroop Das

Travel industry to recover ahead of tourism industry

and another article

Angel Fornelly

Innovation in the tourism sector and Smart Tourism

Juan Maqueda

Miami, the navel of the Anglo-Latino economy (why Florida is a world economic hub)

Ramón Adillón

The benefits of tourism

Hugo Marcos

Video Marketing in Tourism: challenges and opportunities

Íñigo Pérez

Travel & Tourism. Industry megatrends and tomorrow's talent

Sonia García Fraile

Tourism and accessibility

Isabel Portilla

Feeling at Home

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